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Mock Interview

Mock interviews for your next digital career change- convert interviews to offers.

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Practice for your next interview with our panel of Digital Technology Career Shapers, to get an accurate evaluation of your performance, minimize anxiety and gain confidence. As well as calibrate yourself to the role that you are interviewing for, to bridge the gaps and ace the interview.

How It Works

  • Step 1: Sign up and fill your contact details.
  • Step 2: Upload your resume.
  • Step 3: We will reach you within 24 hours to take your preferred time slots.
  • Step 4: Mock Interview for 45 minutes will be fixed with the most suitable interviewer for your profile.
  • Step 5 : Receive your personalized feedback from the interviewer and the video recording of the interview itself.

When is the best time to avail this service

Typically, most people book our service when they have an interview scheduled, because different companies have varied interviewing techniques and therefore practicing appropriate to the company and role you apply for does make sense.

It also makes sense to practice for getting interview perfect, at a time when you DON’T have any immediate interviews planned. The more you practice interviewing, you will see that your confidence only gets better.

So what are you waiting for, come on board to practice for those interviews.

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4.7 Reviews

This was the first time I ever tried a Mock Interview with a senior and it was a good experience. Particularly the technical questions were very good.

Very supportive. Got guided in my career in Data & Analytics path. I want to thank Interviewer Namita, who helped me with precise feedback on areas of improvement and she also guided me on what to say when I did not know the answer.

Verwin Mock Interview was part of my success, and now I have new offer in my hand. Thanks to Verwin. You are always giving me confidence and guided throughout my career.

I tried Verwin’s mock interview platform to prepare for an interview with a leading ecommerce, company, I made choice of an interviewer from a similar background and that really helped me in cracking the interview, I received the offer and have also joined.

Just finished the Mock Interview with Verwin , I’m happy and feeling confident, waiting for the Interview calls now.


Verwin Data Analyst Mock Interview actually felt like, giving real interview at Amazon. I actually improved my problem solving skills and gave me much insight on some topics. And In feedback they actually provided me the mistakes.


My aim was to get into analytics career, the verwin’s mock interview helped me prepare for both my first and second interviews for a data analyst role. Now iam more confident of attending such interviews.